Administration and Public Management Review

The CONTENT CONDITIONS required are the following:

• The works are written in English.

• Abstract of the article: maximum 500 words.

• Keywords: 4-6 words that reflect the specificity of the paper.

• Journal of Economic Literature (JEL): 3 codes

• Maximum length of the article: 15 pages.

• Main sections of the paper are the following:
- introduction;
- literature review;
- research methodology;
- analysis of the research results and main findings;
- original contribution of the author;
- conclusions;
- references.

• The quatations and references should be listed in APA (American Psychological Association):

Template of the paper

The template REQUIRED CONDITIONS for publishing the research paper are presented here:

Publishing layout [doc]



*Please fill in and send it back in jpg forma.



The manuscripts must be sent to the following address:




The papers' review process is a double-blind one, the review being done simultaneously by two members of the scientific committee, one of them is from a foreign university.

The review criteria considered are the novelty and originality of the paper, the quality of research methodology, the organization and clarity, the reference to prior work, and the quality of results.

The result of the review process can be: accept, accept with revision, or reject.

The evaluation result is communicated in approximately six months. The final decision related to the publication is made by editorial board.